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Alexis Ocana
Marketing Outreach Intern Specialist
E: alexis.helder@farmersagency.com
W: 817-841-8010

Meet Alexis Ocana!  A Marketing Outreach Intern Specialist for The Elder Agency.

Alexis is just getting started in the insurance industry, but she loves to learn more about it every day! She loves to to be creative with The Elder Agency's different marketing tactics, especially when it comes to the social media aspect. 

Alexis was born and raised in Orange County, California and is currently a Junior at Texas Christian University. She is a Business major with a Marketing emphasis, and is also a part of TCU's Sales Program. Alexis is the second oldest in her family of six, including her parents, older sister, and two younger brothers. She has a passion for health and fitness, and she loves to play and watch sports, especially football! 

Alexis is so excited to be a part of The Elder Agency, and can not wait to learn more about the insurance industry, and to continue to improve the agency's marketing.